Vastu Shastra In Indore

Jamali interiors is indulged in offering Vastu Shastra Planner & Designer services. These services are essential for protecting the health of the clients and in enhancing their spiritual, emotional and mental quality of daily experience while living in our made to measure Projects.

In Vastu Shastra, the designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns means [yantra] symmetry and directional alignments. Vastu Vidya knowledge is a collection of ideas and concepts, with or without the support of layout diagrams, that are not rigid. Rather, these ideas and concepts are models for the organization of space and form within a building or collection of buildings, based on their functions in relation to each other, their usage and to the overall fabric of the Vastu.

As per Vastu, the main door should be constructed in a way to ensure that when you step out, you face the north, east or north-east direction.

1. Considered as the “archway to victory and progress in life”, the main door should face north, east or in the north-east direction. It must be constructed in a way to ensure that when you step out, you face the north, east or north-east direction.
2. The main door to your home should be constructed with superior quality wood. It should tower above the other doors in your house, and look the most appealing.
3. Avoid placing a fountain, or any other decorative water-centric element, outside the main door.
4. Avoid placing a shoe rack or dustbin outside the main door.
5. There shouldn’t be a bathroom near the main door.
6. Ensure the main entrance is well lit.
7. Avoid painting the main door black.
8. Decorate your door with beautiful nameplates and auspicious torans.
9. Avoid placing animal statues or figurines near the main door.
10. Ensure your main door opens in a clockwise manner.

For a meditation room in a Vastu compliant home Here is how you can go about designating a meditation/spiritual room:

1. The east or north-east part of your home is perfect for meditation, yoga and other spiritual pursuits.
2. Facing east when you meditate will increase positivity.
3. Create a sacred altar and decorate it with candles or incense sticks.
4.White, beige, light yellow or green are great colour options for the room

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